2012-2016 Arctic Cat F1100, ZR Turbo Meth Injection

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The XYZ Performance Methanol Injection with Electronic Controller is a must to be able to run an Arctic Cat F1100 at high horse power (HP) settings on 91 octane pump gas.
• The main function of water methanol injection is preventing detonation. Detonation is caused by high temperatures and pressure developed in the combustion chamber.
• A mixture of 50/50% of methanol and water is ideal, wind-shield washer fluid is the most widely used product being inexpensive and easy to obtain.
• In testing we have seen 350 HP on 91 octane pump gas with no detonation.
• Using a 250 psi high pressure pump gives better atomization and less consumption of methanol. Industry standard is 150 psi.
• The Electronic Controller that will let you set your start and ending point for injection.
• This system is not an on/off system, a processor calculates and adjusts amount of meth volume/pressure per lbs of boost. Simply put, more boost more meth, and that can be adjusted to fuel grade.
• This controller will enable the rider to fine tune injection, greatly reducing consumption and efficiency.

This kit Includes:
• Custom Aluminum Tank
• 250 psi pump pre set at 200psi
• All wiring, fittings, tubing and brackets.
• Electronic Controller