2017-2020 Arctic Cat Thundercat/Yamaha Sidewinder Turbo METH INJECTION

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Do want more power and still be able to trial ride on 91 octane pump fuel or do you ride in areas where 89 octane is all there is available.  Meth injection, which uses -40 blue windshield washer fluid, with a custom progressive controller that will let you set the proper amount of injection by boost reference. You can also easily adjust to fuel quality on the trail or to how much boost you are turned up or down too. We use an aluminum tank with internal baffles, three separate jets are used to accurately disperse into intakes.  A 250 psi pump is used to atomize the fluid, also a 12 volt check value is included as this helps to keep high line pressure resulting in faster reaction to atomization. In addition a filter and float level indicator is included.